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Receive free ready-to-go marketing campaigns from top corporations in your industry for the products and services you sell. Simply select the campaign you like, personalize and promote via Google, Facebook, Twitter and Email. Each new lead goes right into your own customer database and you instantly receive an email notification making it is for you or your assistant to follow up. Finally, an easy solution to promote more sales that saves you oodles of time. Try it for FREE today!

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LinkedIn For Your Small Business

LinkedIn For Your Small Business

LinkedIn is the world’s largest online social network of professionals. With LinkedIn your small business can target this affluent community and connect online with local clients and other small businesses in a trusted location.

Start using LinkedIn to generate sales with these 3 simple ways:

1. LinkedIn Business Profile

Create a FREE LinkedIn Business Profile to establish a presence. Add information regarding your service or product, your location, special offers, Promotions and more. Building this presence is easy and sets your business apart by being online in a location your local customers trust and value.

Once you’ve established your Profile use LinkedIn to connect with customers, venders and other local businesses. You can use this space to communicate with customers first hand, answer questions, request recommendations and give special offers. By doing so you build intimate customer relationships and make new and existing customers feel valued.

Connect with venders and other small businesses in your community to exchange recommendations and increase your exposure with their customers.

In addition to the Profile you create, LinkedIn also instantly aggregates any data existing in their site relating to your business and links it to your Profile. This may be from employee Profiles, other business connections, etc. Your Profile therefore continues to evolve and work on its own, expanding your network.

Visit LinkedIn, click “Companies” and click “Add a Company” to begin.

2. LinkedIn Group(s)

LinkedIn offers a vast array of FREE professional and trade groups for your business to join. Use this opportunity to create or join a local business network – you may find ways for your community to build more notoriety and attract more patrons.

You can also join small business groups to discuss and share learning regarding a variety of relevant topics, like marketing, PR, sales and more.

By actively participating you add color to your Profile, connect locally and nationally, learn new techniques and grow stronger as a business. All for free!

Visit LinkedIn, Log In and click “Groups” to begin.

3. LinkedIn Direct Ads

LinkedIn DirectAds are simple text-based ads available to you for advertising your business on LinkedIn. With 30+ million active and engaged users LinkedIn is a rich resource of new customers and leads.

You can target an audience by location or industry and control an advertising budget and timeframe that’s right for you. Use DirectAds to spark sales when you need them, whether it be for a launch, seasonal sale or slow period. Simply create your ad and use a relevant and enticing call-to-action.

Direct your audience to your Aero79 Promotions and set your business apart from the competition. Create an instant impression with your professionally designed Promotion page, eye-catching imagery and compelling offer. Attach a Coupon to your Promotion to provide immediate value and to capture qualified leads.

Visit our How To section for step-by-step instruction on creating LinkedIn DirectAds to complement your Aero79 Campaigns.

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Promot-e offers a complete online marketing solution providing everything you need to promote and grow your small business — made simple and all-in-one place.

Promot-e makes promoting your small business online easy. One Platform. No Technical Experience Needed. Aero79 is an online marketing solution delivering everything a small business needs to increase sales and capture new customers made simple, affordable and all-in-one place. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Local Directories and Local Advertising all linked to online promotions and coupons that you can create an manage yourself to capture new customers directly into your own built in customer database.

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