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Google AdWords allow you to increase traffic from the most used search engine on the web. The place your business is searched for the most.

With a Google AdWord campaign you create simple text ads and deliver them through a Pay-Per-Click system. Specify targeted keywords to match your ads to the right customers and control your daily PPC ad budget. Your budget is only spent when your audience clicks on the ad.

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Step-By-Step Instructions

Level: Moderate Easy

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Step One: Create Your Promotion

Visit, Log In to your Account and click Design > Promotion. Use the simple 5-step process to complete your promotion.

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Step Two: Create Your Free Google Account

Visit Google AdWords to begin the short step-by-step process for creating your new account. and linkedin

Step Three: Link to your Promotion

Complete the 4 step process to:

- Choose your budget and location

- Create your ad* (See Step 4)

- Select keywords

- Enter billing information

Your GoogleAds will appear on specific pages based on your parameters.

Tip 1: With a Pay-Per-Click campaign you only pay when your ad is clicked on.

Tip 2: You control your budget e.g. Daily Budget $30/day with a $2.25/click rate.

Tip 3: Select keywords your customers use to search for your product or service.

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Step Four: Link to your Promotion

Use your ad to really sell your product or service by using a strong call-to-action and including a special offer. In the Description include the URL link to your Promotion page.

Tip 1: Match your ad “Title” to your Promotion “Headline” for continuity.

Tip 2: To find your Promotion URL link, use the Promotion Manager. Once there select your Promotion, select “View” and simply copy the browser URL and paste it into your Google PPC ad.

Step Five: Track Your Performance

Use Google and Promot-e to monitor key performance data, such as: total impressions, budget details, promotion views, lead captures and coupons printed.

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About Promot-e

Promot-e offers a complete online marketing solution for your small business. Everything you need to increase sales and capture new customers made simple, affordable and provided all in one place. Create FREE account at Promot-e.

With Promot-e you can make local online advertising on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Local Directories more effective and easy to manage. Plus, you don’t even need a website to use it.

Promot-e. Easy online marketing for your small business.

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