5 Reasons Dental Practices Should Be Marketing To Current Patients

Doctor Patient relationships are built on trust. While we know it may feel weird for some practices to market to their current patients through newsletters and Facebook posts, we’ve put together a list of 5 reason why you should change that mindset.

1. Patients May Not Know Your Offering Services They Are Looking For

“I didn’t know you offered Invisalign”

2. Cost of Patient Retention is Lower Than Patient Acquisition

It is said that it is ten times more expensive to acquire a new patient than it is to keep a current one.

3. They Are Following You For a Reason

4. Reminder of Brand/Practice Existent

So you may not get them to sign up for your current special, but by reminding them of your existence, patients are likely to sign up for other services that may be on their to do list

5. Word of Mouth is Stronger Than Word of Google (but there is no harm in using both)

A patient of yours may not be looking into getting Invisalign done… but they might have a friend who might.
Give them an offer worth sharing!

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