Promot-e’s Best Practices for On-Page SEO

Your websites ranking in Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP) can be determined by many different factors. From backlink profiles to domain authority, long gone are the days where meta keywords could take your page to the top of the rankings.

Because of this, we have put together the best practices you should always use on your website for one very crucial consideration of Goggles algorithm: On-page SEO.

Choose the Right Domain Name

Say for instance you run a pet store named Toys For Rocket. While having the URL is a good idea for branding, it doesn’t necessarily help the cause On-Page SEO. Google crawlers take signals from different aspects of your site to gauge what a user can expect from a page. Having “toys” and “rockets” in your domain is very different from “Carlsbad” and “Pet Store.”

Now with that said, your Domain Name is not going to be the end all be all for your success and we don’t suggest you pay a lot of money for the domain name (although it wouldn’t hurt to check it’s availability). But in a world where little things can make a difference, if your website is not getting the organic search traffic you hope, would be worth the time to figure out a new domain name and possibly use redirects.

Put a Little Thought Into Your Title Tags

Your title tags are the line of text that are in the tab atop your page. For instance this blog posts title reads “Best Practices For On-Page SEO.” Very direct and to the point right?

This is what you want to strive for. Something short that tells Google exactly what your page is about. We once had a client who had excellent content throughout the website but labeled all his products title pages “product.” We put some time into labeling each product page individually and were able to drastically increase organic traffic to the site.

Keeps Page Content Direct and to the Point

Think of Google Bots as Santa Clause on the night of Christmas Eve. It’s fair to say that they have a lot of houses to visit. They are constantly crawling the internet to try and make sense of everything it has to offer. Because of this Google Bots only have a limited number of code they go through on a page and or website to make sense of it.

So to see if we can tie it all back to our analogy, if your Christmas tree (content) is not as close to the chimney as possible, Santa (Google) might not leave you any presents until the next time he comes around.

Incorporate Links to Credible Sites

Think of the links you use on your pages as the friends you make. Do you really want to be seen around with gambling and adult linked sites?

It’s good to have credible useful links in your content to further the experience of site visits. Take time to look at the sites your website points to. Obviously the .gov’s and .edu’s are usually trusted sites, but you would be surprised what could be lurking in the code of any given site.

As you can kind of see, there really is no one stop solution to how to rank better. If treat your website like your resume and keep as many ducks in a row as you can there is no reason you shouldn’t see a boost in organic traffic to your site.

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